For more information on streaming for each team, check out this regularly updated graphic.  Women’s hockey streaming is left to the home team and however they want to broadcast it, be it for free or through a paid streaming service.  The Ivy League schools, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale use the Ivy League Network.

I personally don’t think that the uber-rich Ivy League schools should be charging for anything, let alone under-supported women’s hockey, but at $16 a month, $50 for four months (not long enough for a full hockey season) or $120 for a full year for all Ivy league sports teams, it’s one of the more affordable streaming packages for women’s hockey.

My other major beef with the Ivy League Network is that there’s no toggle for automatic subscription renewal, you have to know you want to be billed for it every pay period for forever or you have to to physically call or e-mail the Ivy League Network to cancel at the end of your payment period.  If you forget to cancel for, say, the hockey offseason, the Ivy League Network will only refund one month.

The sketchy payment options and their longer packages not being suitable for hockey turned me off to the Ivy League Network before I even watched a game, which is a shame because the service itself is high quality.

As I said, you can choose from whichever Ivy League sport you want and have the option of streaming video for up to four games at once using their Quad Game View, or two using the Picture in Picture function.

Ivy League NetworkYou also have the option of showing stats in the sidebar (typically updated between periods), or a Twitter feed of relevant accounts.

Ivy League Network twitter

To make the packages even more alluring, most of the Ivy League teams are fairly good with Harvard and Cornell in the mix for the ECAC title at  9-2-1 and 7-2-2 in ECAC play respectively, Princeton (8-6-0), Dartmouth (6-5-1), and Yale (5-7-0) a cut below, and Brown (1-11-0) bringing up the rear.

Overall the payment structure for the Ivy League Network is not very user-friendly, especially if you want to evaluate your purchase on a month by month basis, but the service itself is excellent.  I’ll probably continue to purchase because it gets me the entire ECAC (with other schools’ free feeds) and the Yale broadcast team of Adlon Adams and Alex Eppler is top-notch.