Games of the Week 2-19 to 2-25

The games of the week will be on the USCHO’s schedule rotation which is Thursday to Wednesday.  I will be showcasing one game of the week that can be streamed for free (when possible) and one game that requires a paid subscription.


bc bu


With Boston College having clinched the top spot in Hockey East and Boston University having clinched the second spot, there’s little to play for from a standings perspective.  But there’s everything to play for from a pride perspective and BU likely isn’t too happy with their last performance against the Eagles which saw them tally their 4th shot on goal 32 minutes into the game.

I don’t think these teams like one another very much, and they don’t always play the nicest brand of hockey so it should be a hard fought, physical game, with the potential for mayhem.

Video Link

Subscription Required

clarkson harvard

This game will definitely help to determine ECAC seeding, and if Clarkson beats Dartmouth and Harvard loses to or draws with #10 St. Lawrence on Friday it will be for first place in the ECAC with Quinnipiac potentially throwing a blue and yellow wrench back into the works if they sweep Brown and Yale.  Here’s how the tiebreakers play out:

  • Harvard over Quinnipiac and Quinnipiac over Clarkson by virtue of their season sweeps.
  • Clarkson over Harvard if Clarkson wins by virtue of a 1-0-1 head to head record.
  • Harvard over Clarkson if Harvard wins or the game is a draw by virtue of a 1-0-1 head to head record in the event of a win, and more conference wins in the event of a draw.
  • Three way ties at 34 or 33 points still go to Harvard as they’ve accumulated the most points in head to head games over Clarkson and Quinnipiac in any scenario.

This game will be on the Ivy League Network

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