Breaking Down the ECAC First Round

ecac bracket


The ECAC tournament will reseed after the first round which means that the lowest and highest advancing seeds will play one another.

clarkson dartmouth

clarkson dartmouth stats

Both teams followed similar blueprints: dominate shots, take few chances and rely on good goaltending.  So it comes as no surprise that they had trouble scoring against one another.  Were it not for an extremely late goal and following empty netter, Clarkson would be looking at two one goal victories.

Dartmouth is your typical 8 seed, a team that took care of business against lesser opponents, but couldn’t get it done against the top teams.  They’ll probably put up a bit of a fight against Clarkson, but they have little chance of actually advancing.

harvard Yale

A lot of people might think Harvard the best team in the ECAC and they have a pretty strong argument.  That said, they couldn’t get it done when it counted against Clarkson (and Clarkson couldn’t beat Quinnipiac, but I digress), and they fell into the #2 spot on the last day of the season.

Harvard blew Yale apart twice in the regular season and there’s no reason to think that won’t happen again.

quinnipiac princeton

quinnipiac princeton stats

For a team that has trouble putting shots on net playing against arguably the best shot suppression team in the country, Princeton fared pretty well against Quinnipiac.  Still, the Bobcats forecheck and backcheck like demons and Princeton relies on a high shooting percentage to put in goals.  That is not a good recipe.

The real question is which Quinnipiac team will show up?  The one that started 20-1-3 (against admittedly weak competition) or the one that has gone 4-6-0 since?  The only quality game in those last ten from the Bobcats was their 1-0 win over Clarkson in which they dominated shots 28-14 and their 3-0 losses to St. Lawrence and Yale book-ending that game were downright ugly.

cornell slu

cornell slu stats

These teams have confounded me all season so I suppose it’s fitting that they should play one another as the most closely matched seeds.

St. Lawrence can put up shots at a prolific rate and as their 8+ minutes of goaltender-less 6 on 5 time versus Clarkson attest, they’re not afraid to take chances to win.  Cornell, meanwhile, can put shots in at a prolific rate and when they get a solid performance out of the 6-0 Paula Voorheis, they’re tough to beat.


ecac prediction

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