Congrats to Bemidji State’s Seniors

One of my biggest wishes is that NCAA Women’s Hockey would get more attention.  Well that’s why this blog is here.  Without further ado, let’s congratulate the senior class of 2014-2015 as teams are eliminated from further play.

Bemidji State Beavers


From left: Jenessa Philipczyk #20, Rachael Kelly #18, Kristine Grenier #93, Kayleigh Chapman #27, Alex Citrowske #5

Team Highlights

  • High National Ranking of #9, finished regular season at #10
  • Swept #1 Minnesota in Minneapolis, 2-2 (shootout win) and 1-0
    • (G1) Rachael Kelly from Ivana Bilic
    • (G1) Lauren Miller from Alexis Joyce
    • (G2) Bilic from Kaitlyn Tougas and Madison Hutchinson
    • Brittni Mowat with the shutout
  • Defeated #9 Minnesota-Duluth 2 games to 1 in the WCHA playoffs (3-2, 0-2, 2-1)
    • (G1) Whitney Wivoda from Kristin Huber and Hutchinson
    • (G1) Stephanie Anderson from Bilic
    • (G1) Anderson from Alex Citrowske and Bilic
    • (G3) Hanna Moher from Joyce and Anderson
    • (G3) Tougas from Anderson and Citrowske
  • Defeated #2 Minnesota in the WCHA playoffs 1-0
    • Anderson unassisted

Senior Highlights

  • Alex Citrowske notched a career high in games played (39).
  • Rachael Kelly notched a career high in games played (35).
  • Jenessa Philipczyk notched career highs in goals (2), and points (2).
  • Kayleigh Chapman notched career highs in games played (37), assists (4), and points (4).
  • Kristine Grenier notched career highs in games played (39), assists (15), and points (18).

Alex Citrowske #5 (A) – Left Wing

bsu citrowske bsu citrowske stats

Rachael Kelly #18 – Right Wing

bsu kelly bsu kelly stats

Jenessa Philipczyk #20 – Left Wing

bsu philipczyk
bsu philipczyk stats

Kayleigh Chapman #27 – Defense

bsu chapman bsu chapman stats

Kristine Grenier #93 (C) – Right Wing

bsu grenier

bsu grenier stats

2011-2012 and 2012-2013 played for Mercyhurst




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