One of my biggest wishes is that NCAA Women’s Hockey would get more attention.  Well that’s why this blog is here.  Without further ado, let’s congratulate the senior class of 2014-2015 as teams are eliminated from further play.

St. Lawrence Saints



Team Highlights

  • High national ranking of #8, final ranking of #10
  • Defeated #7 Clarkson 5-3
    • Brooke Webster from Amanda Boulier and Kennedy Marchment
    • Webster from Megan Armstrong
    • Kennedy Marchment from Abbey McRae
    • Jessica Hon from Jacqueline Wand and Ellie Williams
    • Kailee Heidersbach from Jenna Marks and Dominique Korakianitis
  • Defeated #4 Harvard 5-4 in overtime
    • Marks from McRae and Kirsten Padalis
    • Marchment from Wand and Webster
    • Webster from Marchment and Wand
    • Marks from Kayla Raniwsky and Padalis
    • Raniwsky from Marks and Wand
  • Swept #9 Mercyhurst 6-1 and 4-1
    • (G1) Marks from Raniwsky and Heidersbach
    • (G1) Webster from Marchment
    • (G1) Alex Moore from Hannah Miller
    • (G1) Raniwsky from Marks and Korakianitis
    • (G1) Wand from Marchment and Webster
    • (G1) Moore from Miller and McRae
    • (G2) Raniwsky from Armstrong
    • (G2) Armstrong from Raniwsky and Heidersbach
    • (G2) Heidersbach from Jessica Hon
    • (G2) Marks from Boulier and Heidersbach
  • Defeated #5 Quinnipiac 3-0
    • Boulier from Miller and Ellie Williams
    • Hon from Armstrong and Boulier
    • Wand from Marchment and Webster

Senior Highlights

  • Amanda Boulier led all ECAC defenders in shots with 116.
  • Carmen MacDonald set a school record for saves with 3,188
  • Jessica Hon notched career highs in assists (5) and points (9).
  • Kayla Raniwsky notched career highs in goals (13), assists (16), and points (29).
  • Jacqueline Wand notched career highs in goals (7), assists (14), and points (21).

Amanda Boulier #8 (C) – Defense

slu boulier slu boulier stats

Jessica Hon #11 (A) – Right Wing

slu hon slu hon stats

Kayla Raniwsky #17 (A) – Center

slu raniwsky stats
*2011-2012 season played for Niagara

slu raniwsky

Jacqueline Wand #20 – Left Wing

slu wand slu wand stats

Ellie Williams #24 (A) – Left Wing

slu williams slu williams stats

Guilia Mazzocchi #28 – Goaltender

slu mazzocchi slu mazzocchi stats

Carmen MacDonald #30 – Goaltender

slu macdonald slu macdonald stats