Congratulations to Maine’s Seniors

One of my biggest wishes is that NCAA Women’s Hockey would get more attention.  Well that’s why this blog is here.  Without further ado, let’s congratulate the senior class of 2014-2015 as teams are eliminated from further play.

Maine Black Bears

maine seniors

From left: Katy Massey #18, Brittney Huneke #6, Tori Pasquariello #13, Jennifer More #17, Hailey Browne #24, Jessica Hall #7

Team Highlights

  • Defeated #6 Boston University 4-2
    • Kelsey MacSorley from Jennifer More and Morgan Sakundiak
    • Emilie Brigham from Sakundiak
    • Audra Richards from Hailey Browne and Brittany Huneke
    • Richards from Brooke Stacey and Sakundiak

Senior Highlights

  • Brittney Huneke notched career highs in assists (9) and points (9).
  • Jennifer More notched a career high in goals (9).
  • Hailey Browne notched career highs in goals (7), assists (10), and points (17).

Brittney Huneke #6 (A) – Defense

maine huneke maine huneke stats

Jessica Hall #7 (C) – Defense

maine hall maine hall stats

Tori Pasquariello #13 – Right Wing

maine pasquariello maine pasquariello stats

Jennifer More #17 – Center

maine more maine more stats

Katy Massey #18 (A) – Right Wing

maine massey maine massey stats

Hailey Browne #24 – Left Wing

maine browne stats

*2011-2012 played for Mercyhurst

maine browne

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