What Happened to Dartmouth?

On November 14th Dartmouth capped off a 2-0 win over Union. They were 4-2-2 overall and 4-1-2 in ECAC play which was good enough to put them behind Harvard in second. They actually opened their season with a win over the Crimson as well as a win over St. Lawrence and a draw against Clarkson.

Since then the Big Green are 0-10-1, finally ending their losing streak with a draw versus St. Lawrence on Saturday. Every one of those games save for the draw and the 1-0 loss to Clarkson on Friday saw Dartmouth facing a multiple goal deficit.  This includes games against New Hampshire and Vermont, teams that Dartmouth would usually be expected to beat.

The pretty easy answer is that Dartmouth can’t score. They potted three goals or more just once over their winless streak and have scored just 16 in those 11 games. Their 6.7% shooting percentage is tied for third worst in the NCAA. Overall they average just 1.95 goals per game, good for 26th.

Laura Stacey, Kennedy Ottenbreit, and Lindsey Allen lead the Big Green with 18, 15, and 13 points respectively. After that things are pretty dire. Sophomore Brooke Ahbe would probably be up there, but she’s missed 7 games this season and only has six points.

The Big Green have just nine players on their roster with goals. They have just one goal from their defense. To compare that to some of the top teams inside and outside the ECAC, only one Wisconsin Badger and only two Clarkson Golden Knights are goalless. Dartmouth’s scoring depth is practically nonexistent. It’s probably no surprise that Dartmouth is significantly more successful at home when they can get more advantageous line matchups.

The Big Green are 3-5-1 at Thompson Arena and just 1-7-2 away. They’ve scored 21 goals at home and allowed 24. That’s not great, but it’s respectable. On the road they’ve scored just 16 and allowed 33.

The outlook for the Big Green is not rosy either. Stacy and Allen are both seniors and each of their top-five scorers are either juniors or seniors as is starting goaltender Robyn Chemago (junior). Dartmouth’s most contributing freshman are defender Tess Bracken and forward Kate Landers who both have one goal and three assists. If Dartmouth doesn’t have a good recruiting season or if their young players don’t make big strides, they’re going to be in trouble in the future.

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