hockey east bracket

Boston College and Northeastern won blowout sweeps over their opponents while Boston University and Connecticut struggled.  It looks like the Eagles and Huskies are on a collision course for the finals.  Not those Huskies, the other Huskies.

Boston College vs. Connecticut

bc uconn


Last year Boston College struggled to put away the Huskies as Elaine Chuli set a Hockey East tournament record with 51 saves.

Keys to the Series:

Boston College:

Spend so much time in the Connecticut end that there’s no chance for them to score.


Take it 0-0 to overtime and hope to get lucky.

The X-Factor:

Elaine Chuli


Boston College 3-0

Northeastern vs. Boston University

nu bu


Northeastern largely dominated the Terriers, both on the scoreboard and in the shots figures.  Anything can happen in one game, but BU has looked vulnerable so far in the tournament.

Keys to the Game:


Don’t get behind early.

Boston University:

Get the stellar goaltending they’ve lacked most of the year.

The X-Factor:

Kendall Coyne.  NCAA Tournament or bust.


Northeastern 4-2

The Finals

he table


Why Boston College Will Win:

They will.

Why Boston College won’t win:

Kendall Coyne.


Why Northeastern will win:

Kendall Coyne

Why Northeastern won’t win:

Their defense and goaltending isn’t good enough.


Why Boston University will win:

They play tough when it counts.

Why Boston University won’t win:

They’re too far below the top two teams.


Why Connecticut will win:

Elaine Chuli.

Why Connecticut won’t win:

They get blitzed on shots every game.