As many of you know I’m one of the voters for the SB Nation Women’s Hockey poll. Here’s this week’s poll results and my votes.

1. Wisconsin (-), (14) 162 — My Vote: 1

Despite the tie to Ohio State, Wisconsin is still the clear number one team. The next ten games will test them though, eight of them are against ranked teams.

2. Minnesota (-), (1) 139 — My Vote: 2

The Bemidji State loss seems to be something that happens once a year. The Gophers are still incredibly talented. They’ll have their hands full with Minnesota-Duluth.

3. Quinnipiac (-), (1) 135 — My Vote: 5

The Bobcats haven’t allowed a goal since their 5-4 scare against Maine. Still this is a team I’m wary of. They don’t seem to be dominating possession as they have in years past. Mercyhurst will be an interesting test this weekend, and BC an even more interesting one the weekend after that.

4. MinnesotaDuluth (+1), 109 — My Vote: 4

The series against Minnesota this weekend will tell us a lot where exactly the Bulldogs fall.  I think it’s closer to the top of this list than the bottom.

5. Boston College (-1), 98 — My Vote: 3

I still stubbornly think that BC is the third or fourth best team in the country. Their matchup against Quinnipiac in two weeks will tell.

6. Colgate (-1), (1) 92 — My Vote: 6

A first place vote? Really? I mean I get that Colgate is 4-0-0 but they have wins over New Hampshire and Merrimack and none are all that impressive. Colgate has done what they’re supposed to, beat up on teams that are inferior. They need to prove something against Syracuse in two weeks.

7. Clarkson (-3), 60 — My Vote: 9

The Knights got run over by neighboring rival St. Lawrence. It wasn’t just the win, but St. Lawrence bulldozed the Knights on shots 26-19 and 32-22. Granted that was in large part because Clarkson takes a ton of penalties. One reason for hope: St. Lawrence only scored one goal at even strength. The Knights scored two.

8. St. Lawrence (N/A), 44 — My Vote: 7

The Saints are 3-0-1 against ranked teams already this season. After going 0-fer against Northeastern the powerplay clicked four times against Clarkson. Their difficulties scoring at even strength against the Knights are some cause for concern, but this is a good team.

9. Bemidji State (+1), 40 — My Vote: 10

This was a begrudging ranking for me, but the facts are the facts. They beat Minnesota and no one else deserves to be on this list at this point in time.

10. Princeton (-1), 20 — My Vote: 8

Princeton hasn’t played, Princeton sinks in the polls. This is definitely a top eight team.


Also Receiving Votes: North Dakota 19, Northeastern 4, St. Cloud State 4, Boston University 3, Providence 3, Vermont 2, Harvard 1

Quickly: North Dakota lost to St. Cloud, they got nowhere near my list. I think Northeastern will miss Kendall Coyne too much. St. Cloud didn’t impress me in squeaking by a mediocre Fighting Hawks team. Boston University has to prove something to me. The last three have to prove a lot more. I’m watching Vermont with interest though.