Week 4 NCAA Poll – Chaos Continues

As many of you know I’m one of the voters for the SB Nation Women’s Hockey poll. Here’s this week’s poll results and my votes.

1. Wisconsin (-), (16) 169 — My Vote: 1

Perhaps Wisconsin isn’t the juggernaut I thought they were heading into the season. Already they’ve suffered a tie to Ohio State and come within a hair of losing to Clarkson. Granted Ohio State netminder Kassidy Sauve had an otherworldly game and Clarkson is a solid team but the Badgers are something I thought they weren’t: fallible.

2. Minnesota (-), (1) 152 — My Vote: 2

I honestly probably should have put Minnesota and Minnesota-Duluth a little farther apart but the truth is, there’s a decent gap between two and three here. The scores were close but the shots were not, 36-23 and 45-17 in favor of the Gophers.

3. Minnesota-Duluth (+1), 122 — My Vote: 3

Credit to the Bulldogs for hanging in there. I think they’re in kind of a mish-mash with the two teams below them. My gut tells me they’d beat Quinnipiac and play an exciting back and forth versus Colgate.

4. Quinnipiac (-1), (1) 111 — My Vote: 4

This happens every year. Just when we think the CHA is a cut below the rest of the conferences, Mercyhurst or Syracuse goes out and beats a top team. Quinnipiac just came out flat. Mercyhurst throttled them 7-1 and 14-7 on shots in the first two periods. The Bobcats dropped the hammer in game two with a 26-9 advantage.

5. Colgate (+1), (1) 106 — My Vote: 5

The Raiders need to test themselves against better teams. They’ll have a chance this week. Syracuse isn’t exactly a title contender, but they are decent, and Colgate will be playing on the road.

6. Boston College (-1), 63 — My Vote: 6

With two games against Quinnipiac this weekend this is either going to be a “wow Boston College is not good” moment or a “oh yeah, Boston College is pretty good” moment. My gut tells me the latter. I just don’t trust the Bobcats. But then again, I don’t trust the Eagles either.

7. Saint Lawrence (+1), 57 — My Vote: 7

Back in my day St. Lawrence’s home and home against Vermont this weekend would be a conference matchup. Alas Vermont is now in Hockey East. I think the Catamounts are decent so they should test St. Lawrence a bit, but the Saints should come away with two wins.

8. Clarkson (-1), 51 — My Vote: 9

I left last weekend feeling a little better about the Golden Knights. They played well against Wisconsin, taking the first game to overtime and playing the second one close into the third. Wisconsin had the better of the play but the Knights didn’t look completely outmatched.

9. North Dakota (NR), 32 — My Vote: NR

The sweep over Minnesota State didn’t impress me, especially with the second game going to overtime. And this wasn’t a case of a hot goaltender and a few lucky goals. Shots were only 23-22 in favor of the Fighting Hawks.

10. Princeton (-), 31 — My Vote: 8

I think Princeton is almost certainly better than North Dakota and Bemidji State (again), and probably up there with a few of the ECAC teams on this list.


Also Receiving Votes: Bemidji State 21 , Boston University 7, Robert Morris 5, Ohio State 4, Northeastern 2, Maine 1, Mercyhurst (My Vote: 10) 1

I didn’t really think anyone deserved the tenth spot. Bemidji State lost to Ohio State. BU tied Penn State. Robert Morris tied Vermont. Ohio State is getting absolutely pummeled in shots. Northeastern tied Syracuse. Maine is Maine. I gave it to Mercyhurst for beating Quinnipiac. I think the Lakers are probably okay.


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