The Queen in the North Whose Name is _________

The Clarkson Golden Knights and St. Lawrence Saints play about ten minutes from one another tucked deep into New York State’s North Country, the seven northern-most counties in the state.  The two schools are opposites in a few ways.  Clarkson is green, St. Lawrence scarlet.  Clarkson is an engineering and business school, St. Lawrence is home to liberal arts majors.

But they’re much more similar than they are different. Both are small, rural schools deeply embedded into the northern New York culture. Hockey is life and home games for either team will line up cars down the roads that snake around and through both universities. They may be each other’s biggest rival but like siblings, always pushing the other to be better in a competitive ECAC.

Also similar? Their 8-0-0 records atop the conference. If you want to get technical Clarkson holds the top spot by virtue of their better goal differential against the top four teams, aka a 4-1 win over Quinnipiac to St. Lawrence’s 1-0 victory over the same.  Their next conference series?

Each other.

The two will play a home and home series on December 1st (at Clarkson) and 3rd (at St. Lawrence). It will be a battle for the seat of the north and the ECAC realm as a whole.

Clarkson and St. Lawrence have already played each other this season as part of their annual non-conference home and home. The Saints got the better of that matchup taking a 2-1 win at home and holding for a 3-3 tie in Potsdam. Shots were 26-19 and 32-22 in favor of the Saints both games but it was special teams that made the difference. St. Lawrence went 4/15 with the advantage to Clarkson’s 1/15. The Knights however won at even strength 2-1.

Historically the Knights have a slight edge in the series with a 20-18-6 overall record and an 89-73 goal mark. However, in regular season conference play the teams are an even 10-10-4 against one another with the Knights holding a 36-29 advantage in goals.

When the two meet again it will be a battle of Clarkson’s depth versus St. Lawrence’s stars. The Knights split their points pretty evenly with Cayley Mercer, Rhyen McGill, and Genevieve Bannon leading with 19, 18, and 16 respectively. Their top eight scorers all have double-digit points.

Meanwhile the Saints have Kennedy Marchment and Brooke Webster leading the way with 25 and 22 each. Hannah Miller is just behind with 17. After that only two more skaters reach into double digits. Marchment and Webster both had three points in the teams’ earlier series.

It will also be a battle of Clarkson’s offense versus the Saints’ defense. In ECAC play Clarkson has 43 goals for and 10 against. The Saints have 27 for and a miniscule 2 against with shutouts against six of their eight ECAC opponents. When St. Lawrence and Clarkson meet the last goal scored against the Saints in ECAC play will have come 20 days previous.

Clarkson meanwhile has scored four or more goals in all of their ECAC contests and five or more in half of them. It will be a series for the ages.

Both games will be streamed for free.

Clarkson: Pack Network

St. Lawrence: Saints Athletics

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