Power Rankings – Wisconsin Above

Wisconsin is in a world all their own. They’re top-five in every statistic I track to determine these power rankings. Their worst figure is their fifth-ranked penalty kill followed by their fourth-ranked shooting percentage and their third-ranked power play.  Everything else is number one.

1. Wisconsin (12)

The lower the number the better as that 12 is the sum of all their statistical rankings, corrected for special teams play ocurring only a fraction of the time.

2. Boston College (31)

Suddenly…Boston College. The Eagles have been an afterthough since thir blowout loss to Minnesota-Duluth and they haven’t exactly put away the notion that they’re not a top team with struggles throughout the season. But BC has steadily risen back up the ranks and they deserve some consideration as a top team.

3. St. Lawrence (36)

The Saints aren’t going to blow anyone out of the water with the majority of their goals coming against weaker ECAC opponents (including an 8-1 win over Union this weekend) but they play a steady game that’s difficult to beat. They might be the best choice to beat Wisconsin if they can play an ugly low-scoring game.

4. Clarkson (41)

In a lot of ways the Knights are an opposite to St. Lawrence, at times scoring goals in big bunches. They have the second-best shooting percentage in the nation behind the saints and are top-ten in everything save for penalty kill (14th).

5. Minnesota (65)

The story of the Gophers is that their goaltending is flat out bad at 29th in the nation in save percentage. Their 11th ranked shooting percentage doesn’t make up for it either. In the past Minnesota could win almost every game even if they played poorly. That is no longer the case.

6. Princeton (70)

A lot of people have forgotten about the Tigers after they had a pedestrian mid-season stretch. Their penalty kill isn’t good (23rd) but they’re 11th or better in every other category. They’ve also played well against other top teams taking 51.9% of the shots in those contests.

7. Minnesota-Duluth (76)

The Bulldogs suffer because their special teams are terrible (15th in PP, 33rd in PK), and they don’t run up many shots against other top teams (21st). They belong in a top six set apart from the rest along with the top five on this list, but where exactly is unclear.

8. Quinnipiac (78)

I’m about ready to call the season on the Bobcats after they yet again drew with Merrimack. It’s pretty clear this is a team that isn’t going much of anywhere barring a miracle run to an ECAC championship.

9. Colgate (83)

Likewise, the Raiders have struggled to do much of anything against other good teams. A soft schedule has given them a fat winning percentage, but they need to find another level.

10. North Dakota (101)

The Fighting Hawks might be a decent bet to play spoiler in the WCHA tournament. Odds are they’ll have a second round series against Wisconsin and single games are notorious crapshoots. They’re a good possession team that struggles at some of the finer points but if they get hot, anything can happen.

11. Cornell

12. Robert Morris

13. Northeastern

14. Syracuse

15. Boston University

16. Providence

17. Mercyhurst

18. Vermont

19. Yale

20. Connecticut

21. Bemidji State

22. New Hampshire

23. Merrimack

24. Harvard

25. Maine

26. Penn State

27. Ohio State

28. Rensselaer

29. St. Cloud State

30. Dartmouth

31. RIT

32. Minnesota State

33. Lindenwood

34. Union

35. Brown


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