These rankings combine the PairWise rankings (PWR), my metric (TIX), my ballot (Ball), the Ice Garden Poll (SBN), and the poll (USCHO) into one set of composite rankings (average). A few notes:

The “also receiving votes” teams will be ranked 11th-nth accordingly. This will produce a different number of teams ranked in the two poll metrics each week.

The scenario can arise where a team is graded well in the PairWise and my metric, but not ranked in any of the polls. Teams shouldn’t be punished too severely because we don’t know where they’d poll, but they should be punished somewhat for not making the top 10+ on ballots. Therefore I rank them all with the median ranking of a team that misses the ballot. If twelve teams receive votes, the median position of a team ranked between 13 and 35th would be 24th.

We continue to see some odd results week in and week out, and teams keep jetting above or below the quality competition line causing me more work, but the rankings remained surprisingly static this week as many teams stayed right where they were.  A lot of this is Boston College doing just enough to get a win over Northeastern and people looking at the results and going ‘BU, really?’

With Victoria Bach and Rebecca Leslie departing, not much was expected of the Terriers this season.  The WHEA Coaches Poll had them 6th and I thought they might miss the WHEA tournament entirely.  That has not happened as sophmore Jesse Compher, and junior Sammy Davis (who didn’t play last season) have picked up the slack.

The Terriers have a weak out of conference schedule having played RIT and Penn State twice and Brown once, but it’s not like they’re beating up on bad teams as this past weekend’s sweep over Providence goes to show.  They’re 4-3-1 against the other three teams in the top four in Hockey East which isn’t exactly bad.  They’re doing pretty much everything well, aside from their 23rd ranked penalty kill, and getting great goaltending (.935, 14 games) out of sophomore Corinne Schroeder and freshman Kate Stuart (.949, 3 games).

I say this a lot, but RPI is just bonkers.  They have just 25 goals in 22 games and they’re 8-10-4.  They picked up another conference win this past weekend over St. Lawrence and that actually pushed them past the Saints into 6th in the ECAC on tiebreakers.  Lovisa Selander might be the best goaltender I’ve ever seen.  Even though Clarkson hung 6 on the Engineers in game one of the weekend series, it would have been much, much worse were it not for Selander.  RPI hasn’t played Cornell or Colgate so they’ve got a bit of a tough road ahead, but they still have both against Union and 6 of their 12 remaining conference games are against the bottom five in the ECAC.

I’ve talked a lot about soccer-esque derbies and cups, so let’s see where we’re at.

The North Star Cup (Minnesota)

Probably the most uninteresting of the lot, Minnesota is running away with this one.  Second place is almost more intriguing, but there’s a big gap there too.

New York Everything

This one is a little weird because the scheduling hasn’t had Cornell or Colgate play RPI or Union or RPI play Union.  St. Lawrence, amusingly, is the only team in addition to Union that has been eliminated despite being in second place.

Syracuse and Rochester are about an hour and 15 minutes apart down Interstate-90 in New York State so a derby makes a ton of sense and will hopefully stoke a rivalry between the two teams.  And if you want to put them all together even though the schedules are unbalanced…

I ordered this by percentage instead of points since they don’t all play the same number of games against each other and…wow Syracuse.  Wow.

The Ivy League

Since Princeton has gone 1-0-1 against Cornell and the Big Red decided to lose to Brown, this one is pretty much over.


No change here since the CHA is still in hibernation.

New England Everything

Boston College saved some face here with a win over Northeastern, but they’ve only got one game left.  It’s probably up to BU or Merrimack to catch the Huskies.

In my opinion, this one is the most interesting since the teams are all pretty even.  Connecticut has shot up the standings thanks to their weekend sweep of New Hampshire and now challenged Providence for the top spot.  And put them all together along with the New England Ivies and you get…

Fascinating.  Lot of games left here but it’s Northeastern’s to lose right now.

Midweek Games

None in D-I, but feel free to watch Post at Lebanon Valley at 7 ET on Wednesday.