I just want to sit here and point out that the top eight teams per my metric all made the NCAA Tournament.  Not KRACH, not PairWise, not GRaNT, not any of the polls (except for my ballot).

Moreover, the stat that I value the most, shots taken relative to competition, also featured this year’s tournament entrants one through eight in some order.  This was true for all shots metrics except for straight up percentage of shots taken where St. Anselm was in the mix.

Obviously a lot of this is chance and there is always the possibility, even a likelihood, that a conference will be weak and put forth a weak autobid, or a major upset could occur.

Of course there’s not much chance of anyone else getting it right if this is going to happen:

Someone ranked Ohio State first.  You know, earlier in the season, I made a joke that Minnesota State would be the new number 1 after they upset Wisconsin because the USCHO voters tend to favor whichever WCHA team is on top at any given moment…

That was a joke people.  J-O-K-E.  I’m super happy for Ohio State, but on no planet does winning a dicey single-elimination tournament make them deserve the top spot.  (I would make the argument that this is true regardless of who actually wins the NCAA tournament, but at that point eh whatever.)  Not only that, but every other voter ranked Cornell first.  A #1 ballot is worth 10 points, leaving 5 points left over to make Cornell’s 145.  The points descend by one, so second is worth 9 points, third 8 points…

SIXTH!  They had Cornell SIXTH!  Cornell was a unanimous first-place team on the USCHO ballot LAST WEEK!  Do you have that poor an opinion of Princeton that their victory over Cornell knocks them down to sixth?!

Know who else Princeton beat?

OHIO STATE!  They didn’t even need overtime to do it.

You can make a decent argument for Wisconsin’s overall offensive talent, Northeastern’s well-roundedness, or Cornell’s defense as to which deserves to be the top team, but come on.  Maybe that person shouldn’t have a ballot.

Whoever voted for Bemidji State again on The Ice Garden’s poll too.  I go all the two down to twenty on my personal ranking now and I have my own opinions, obviously, but if you put any one of those teams on the ballot, and even a couple others, fine.  You can make a case for it that I might not agree with, but can at least understand.  But to take a team from so far down in virtually every category, that managed a few wins (that have become more commonplace) against top teams…

Take a look back later in the week for an NCAA Quarterfinals preview.