There are several new faces on the Clarkson Golden Knights this season. It’s always jarring to see a jersey number get passed from a departing senior or grad student to a new freshman, especially if the player leaving was one of the team greats.

How far do each of Clarkson’s new faces have to go to become the highest scoring Knight ever with their jersey number?

#11 Jaidan Fahrny is chasing Ella Shelton (16-17 to 19-20)

Shelton finished 16th all time on the Golden Knights in scoring with 26 goals and 82 assists in 152 games. She’s also Clarkson’s 3rd highest scoring defender all time. Fahrny is a forward which gives her a bit of an edge.

Also wore 11: Jessica Cloutier (04-05 to 07-08), Vanessa Plante (10-11 to 13-14), Tegan Schoeder (08-09 to 09-10)

#13 Sara Swiderski is chasing Shelby Nisbet (10-11 to 13-14)

Now we go the opposite way with Swiderski playing defense and Nisbet having played forward. Nisbet finished with 19 goals and 21 assists in 151 games so this one is pretty in reach for the highly-touted defender. Swiderski is just the third Knight to wear #13 with Kristi Shaw (03-04 to 04-05, an original Golden Knight) being the other.

#16 Paige Hull is chasing Olivia Howe (12-13 to 15-16)

Our third straight player to have been on at least one national championship winning team. Howe finished right after Shelton with 42 goals and 58 assists in 152 games. Another defender chasing a forward, which makes things tough.

Also wore 16: Caitrin Lonergan (18-19 to 21-22), Amanda Dittmer (04-05 to 07-08), Daris Tendler (07-08 to 10-11), Kristina Schuler (21-22), Michaela Boyle (17-18 to 18-19), Rachel Long (03-04 to 04-05)

#19 Ashlyn Ham is chasing……yeah

Loren Gabel is second all-time in virtually every category besides goal-scoring where she is first. She notched 116 goals and 97 assists in 160 games and is the only Clarkson forward over 100 career goals, all with the Golden Knights.

Also wore 19: Carly Mercer (10-11 to 13-14), Kali Gillanders (08-09 to 11-12), Kayla Friesen (18-19), Meghan Park (04-05 to 06-07), Lauren Bernard (19-20 to 20-21), Brenna Louey (03-04), Stefanie Wyss (07-08)

#25 Sena Catterall is chasing Juana Baribeau (08-09 to 11-12)

Baribeau notched 62 goals and 56 assists in her career, good for 11th place all time. Catterall just notched her first career goal last weekend so she’s off to a good start. She is also just the third player to wear her number, the other being Rhyen McGill (15-16 to 19-20), also a solid scorer (45-44-89, 21st).

#27 Darcie Lappan is chasing Britney Selina (06-07 to 09-10)

Selina was probably one of the Knights’ first, if not the first career leading scorer, tallying 50 goals and 98 assists, good for 8th. Only 5 players have tallied more helpers in a Golden Knights uniform. Lappan, a senior transfer from Colgate, will probably not get there in her final year of eligibility.

Also wore 27: T.T. Cianfarano (18-19), Brielle Bellerive (14-15 to 16-17), Emily Knutson (03-04), and teammate Jaden Bogden before she switched to 14.

#29 Dominique Petrie is chasing Daris Tendler

I’m not sure how many goals Tendler notched with 29 or with 16. If you want to be a purist, then it’s Amanda Lucky (10-11 to 11-12), the only other #29, who notched 0 goals and 3 assists. Petrie, a grad transfer from Harvard, will most likely get there.