A couple small changes, one temporary, one permanent. I decided to rank all 42 teams this week after seeing Union and Long Island get top-15 votes in the USA Today poll which I will not link because it’s embarrassing. I was curious to see where I would put them, 26th and 33rd apparently.

On the permanent front I added relative goals to my metric of compiled stats, same as relative shots – how far above or below is a team at goal differential relative to their quality of competition. This didn’t really change much as most teams were pretty close to their straight up average goal differential per game.

You can see some gaps forming among the top teams. 1 through 7 are pretty close to the teams above and below them until the gap between 7 and 8, followed by another gap between 8 and 9 through 12.

That sounds about right. The top three ECAC teams (more on this later this week) and top four WCHA teams have all beaten up on one another and Northeastern hasn’t been tested much outside of not great WHEA opponents. Whether UMD is actually outside that group or a part of it remains to be seen.

9 through 12 are pretty close and the order really just depends on who has given you the best look lately. It’s possible we won’t see any of this resolved until the tournaments, and even then they might just be close games that could have gone either way.