Title IX Hockey

NCAA Womens Hockey

Mission Statement

There are two primary reasons I am here: to grow and support the game and the athletes, and because I enjoy it.  I’m not really trying to make a name for myself, or really be a journalist in any way.  I want to have fun watching this sport, step aside, and let the athletes shine.

Because of that I tend to focus in two key areas: access and statistics.  Access because these games aren’t advertised ad nausea on TV like pro sports.  They can be hard to find.  Plus a lot of this hockey is free to stream, and people should know that.

Statistics because there is such a death in women’s sports.  You can find a multitude of stats for men’s hockey, but on the women’s side…very little.  Women’s sports are also often covered through a feminist lens.  I think this awesome, and it’s definitely something I strive to do, but I also want to cover things as simply hockey.  I think the players deserve to be recognized both as women, and as hockey players.

College sports are unique in that the players are young, and they’re all making sacrifices.  You can criticize a pro for not living up to their contract.  College athlete’s don’t have a contract.  They’re all working hard, they’re all busting their butts.  That won’t prevent me from criticizing constructively, but I respect all of the athletes and recognize the hard work they put in.

I also think that college athletes only signed up for a certain amount of fame.  I try to strike a balance between highlighting them as the great and notable players they are, and also stepping back and allowing them to be human beings with a reasonable amount of privacy.


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